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Welcome to the Official Website of GB WhatsApp Pro, Download the official GB WhatsApp app which completely independent application with a superior set of fantastic features.

Version: v17.70 Size: 70MB

We all know that WhatsApp is without a doubt the world’s most popular messaging app with thousands of downloads. Even if an app is perfect, it is not considered perfect for everyone.

Although WhatsApp is capable of being customized, its privacy and security features are limited. It’s where GB Whatsapp Pro comes to the rescue.

It’s one of the most popular WhatsApp mods with a wide array of features and customization options.

The GBWhatsApp app promises exciting new features that enhance WhatsApp’s functionality like no other mods.

You can enjoy all the benefits that GB WhatsApp Pro brings if you update it to the new version.

What is GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

GB WhatsApp Pro app is a better and more advanced version of normal WhatsApp. Every time there is a new version, the features get better and better as the update of every application does.

GB WhatsApp Pro APK
GB WhatsApp Pro App Download

On the other hand, GB WhatsApp has infuriating ads, but this pro version allows you to skip them.

Isn’t it great?

Yes, you heard it right! It comes with a paid feature that allows you to block all annoying ads instantly. You will not have any problems paying for this service only once because the charges are very minor.

So it is highly recommended that make the most of GB WhatsApp Pro by using this paid feature.

Let’s dive into details starting with the specifications!

GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download Info:

GB WhatsApp Pro
Application titleGBWhatsApp Pro
Updated versionV17.70
App Size70 MB
Developer of this appAlexMods
Last Update1 day ago

Exclusive features of GB WhatsApp Pro:

We have put together a list of some very exciting features you’re going to love:

Hide or freeze the last seen

Having this feature has been a dream for a very long time. With this amazing feature, you can freeze your last seen so that others can see only the time that you wish to display.

gb whatsapp feature
gb whatsapp feature
gb whatsapp feature

Additionally, you can hide your last seen in order to keep no one aware of when you last logged on.

Auto-reply the text:

No more complaints because keeping in touch with your friends is now easier, all thanks to the automatic reply feature.

Privacy and security features 

In GB WhatsApp Pro, developers have added an array of amazing privacy features that thousands of users are finding very exciting.

The double and the blue checkmark can be hidden every time someone sends you a message.

As a result, this will prevent them from being able to keep an eye on you and see whether or not you have received the message.

In addition, you can hide the recording and typing indicators when recording or typing.

Isn’t it amazing?

Dark mode 

Everybody prefer dark mode these days, so an addition of this dark mode in the app is quite convenient.

gb whatsapp feature

When it is dark, such apps that use dark mode make things easier for us since our eyes won’t be strained.

Very customizable

The modified app provides a wide range of customizable features, making it even more enjoyable to use.

Because who doesn’t want to keep the theme and design of their choices?

Yes, this feature makes it possible for you, you change the font style of your chats so that they look completely appealing.

Additionally, you will be able to switch between different fonts.

Sharing full-resolution images: 

Although WhatsApp’s image compression may make it a little easier to send images, however, it is evident that the quality of that image is very poor, especially if you intend to share the image elsewhere on social media or you want to re-use it on other sites, nobody likes to use the blurry images.

The GBWhatsApp Pro application allows you to share full-resolution images so you can easily det rid of grainy, blurry photos!

Catchy themes:

With this app, you can customize your GB WhatsApp Pro to make it look unique and attractive by choosing from a wide range of themes.

This new WhatsApp theme isn’t the same as the old and dull one.

App lock

With this app, you can also lock your WhatsApp separately without any need for a third-party application.

In other words, even if someone accesses the mobile phone you use, they won’t be able to get access to your WhatsApp conversations without your consent or knowledge.

GB WhatsApp Pro Vs Normal Whatsapp

Hide Online Status
Airplane Mode
Add Custom Fonts/Stickers
Status Character LengthMaximum 255Maximum 139
Themes Supported
DND Mode
Freeze Last Seen
Disable Forwarded Tag
Disable/Customize Calling
Anti-Delete Status/Messages
Security Lock
Fully Customize

How to download GBWhatsApp Pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro download provides top features and new customization options in a mod version of Original WhatsApp.

The app is a third-party application, so you need to ensure that it is downloaded and used safely.

In order to get the most out of Whatsapp GB pro apk, here’s what you need to know:

Step: 1 First download the GB WhatsApp from the below button or our download page.

Step: 2: Then, tap on the GBWhatsApp download button.

Step 3: As this is a third-party app, there is a chance, that a warning sign might appear. But no worries! you can proceed further by tapping on the OK button.

Step 4: Lastly, a pop-up will appear showing that the app has started downloading!

How to install GB WhatsApp Pro APK?

Step 1: Once the APK has been downloaded, tap on it and you will be brought to an Android security page where you must allow “unknown sources” so that you can sideload APK files.

Step 2: Double-click the downloaded GB WhatsApp file.

Step 3: After the verification is complete, you will be asked whether you wish to install the app or cancel it.

Step 4: If you have previously installed or used the application, a notification will appear asking you to install and update it.

Step 5: Next, you will taken to the page for the installation and updation of GB WhatsApp

Step 6: Now you will be glad to know that the app has been installed successfully

Now you are done!

We hope you are clear with the installation steps now.

GBWhatsApp pro app can be downloaded and installed safely on your Android device without any fuss. All you have to do is follow the above given procedure and you are good to go.

Download GB Whatsapp Pro APK

Download the latest version of the GB WhatsApp Pro app which completely independent application with a superior set of fantastic features.

How to use the GB WhatsApp?

There is not much of an effort you have to put in when it comes to using GBWhatsApp. Learn how below!

  • Firstly, open the downloaded GBWhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • You can see the incoming and outgoing messages section in the chats window.
  • Moreover, you can also post videos longer than 30 seconds under the ‘status’ option.
  • With GB WhatsApp’s enhanced functionality, you are all set to make voice calls as well as video calls seamlessly.

The more you get to know GBWhatsApp, the more you will be able to take advantage of the many features it offers. So download the app and explore this beauty yourself!

Is the GBWhatsApp Pro app safe to use?

This is the most common and controversial question we receive about whether or not GB WhatsApp Pro is safe for use or not. The only downside to using GBWhatsApp Pro is that it is not an official version of WhatsApp, but was established by a third party.

Therefore, WhatsApp does not endorse or support this MOD version.

In addition, the use of GBWhatsApp Pro means there is a possibility that the user’s account to get banned or suspended as it violates the terms and conditions of GBWhatsApp.

Lastly, remember that GBWhatsApp Pro can also be blocked by some internet service providers in some countries.

The best way to ensure safety and security is to use official apps and software. But in the end, it’s your choice!

Advantages & disadvantages of GBWhatsApp Pro

You can customize GBWhatsApp Pro as per your choices and access advanced features not accessible in WhatsApp’s official app.

The use of GBWhatsApp Pro, however, comes with both pros and cons. Here are some of the Advantages and disadvantages

The excellent feature is you have the option to customizeAccount suspension risk
Enhanced privacy options, so you can use the app without any worries!App that is not legally built
You will be happy to know now sending larger files is possible
Protects against bans is the another appealing pro of this mod app
Risks associated with security
Automatic message scheduler so you can maintain the bond with family and friends.

If you decide the GB WhatsApp app is worth it, you have to weigh the potential risks against the benefits. You should use this pro at your own risk if you choose to download it.

Solution for some common issues in GB Whatsapp:

1. Unable to install GBWhatsApp

To install this package name, uninstall the original WhatsApp application or any WhatsApp mods that you have installed.

The best solution is, to make sure that “unknown sources” are enabled in your phone’s settings if you have trouble installing GB WhatsApp.

2. When the app doesn’t open or crashes:

If the app crashes or does not open, try clearing its cache and data from the settings of your phone. In case that does not work, try uninstalling and reinstalling the application!

3. Unable to send or receive texts:

Now, sometimes the glitch is in the network so make sure you have a stable internet connection with max speed if you are facing this trouble.

Additionally, make sure your phone’s security settings or firewall isn’t hindering the app.

4. Contacts on the app do not get sync:

If your contacts are not syncing with GBWhatsApp Pro, it is recommended to go to the phone’s settings and then choose the contacts section to manually sync them.

Hope this resolves the issue.

5. Inability to use privacy features:

For this issue, it is recommended that you cross-check the privacy settings in the app to know whether they are enabled as they are not working.

Aside from that, you should ensure that the app has permission to access your personal information.

6. Banning of the account:

We all aware of the fact that with the mod version, there’s a chance of the app getting banned due to a violation of GB WhatsApp’s terms of service.

If you do not want to get banned from WhatsApp, make sure to use the Pro version in compliance with the platform’s policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

is possible to use both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro?

Sure, why not! As long as you have both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp installed, you can use both at the same time without any hassle.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro accessible for iOS?

Sadly, not yet! The developer is working on this, but no official word has been given on when or if it will be ready. However, if you are still keen to use, you would be able to use it by using an iOS emulator.

Does GBWhatsApp Pro offer better features than original one?

Yes because as you learned it offers some additional features compared to the original one. 

A more secure alternative to Whatsapp is GB Whatsapp Pro, which offers an incognito chat mode that routes messages through a proxy server and encrypts any data sent and received before it is sent along to the person for whom it was intended.

Wrapping up!

In general, GB WhatsApp Pro is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp due to its wide range of features. With enhanced privacy settings, this Whatsapp Pro lets you share your personal information with others while offering more customization options.

Get started today and chat seamlessly and securely with your pro friends and family!

We hope you found this information helpful!